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We continue to need volunteers for a variety of activities. These opportunities are a great way to have fun while meeting other lake residents, insuring that the lake remains healthy and protecting your investment as a property owner for generations to come.

All volunteer hours recorded translates into $12/hour toward the MFA’s portion of any Lake Management, Aquatic Invasive Species or Education grants the association receives from the Wisconsin DNR. To volunteer email the Minong Flowage Association – just a few hours during the year will make a difference.

Clean Boat Clean Water (CBCW)

This project serves to inform and educate the public about the threats of ecologically harmful aquatic invasive species to Wisconsin lakes. Volunteers are needed to perform boat and trailer checks, record watercraft data, distribute educational materials and report suspect specimens at the DNR boat landing (located on the east side of the lake on the Flowage Road) and at the Washburn County campground boat landing (located on the west side of the lake off of County Road I). Training and instructions are provided for anyone interested in helping with this project. To volunteer email the Minong Flowage Association

Buoy Placement

This project takes place in May and September only. In the spring large buoys are placed in a number of locations where the Eurasian Milfoil beds are present. Staying clear of these beds helps to reduce the spread of the plant to other areas of the Flowage and other lakes. In the fall the large buoys are replaced with a much smaller buoy to mark the location for the following season.

Water Quality Testing

Several times during the summer samples of water are collected from numerous locations of the Flowage. These samples are taken to document the water quality before, during and after milfoil treatment and sent away to document and certify that our water continues to remain healthy.

Weevil Monitoring

The Boll Weevil has been identified as a species that eats the milfoil plants thus helping to reduce the infestation of the milfoil. Plants are collected 4 to 5 times during the summer from various locations of the Flowage and then inspected for the presence of the weevil. Great way to include the whole family.

Photos of the weevil workshops

Annual Gathering

Another opportunity for a couple or several individuals to help organize the annual gathering in August. This fun event is designed for all ages and offers yet another way to meet other residents from all parts of the Flowage.

Board of Directors

Volunteers are also needed to become part of the board of directors. This seven-member board is vital to the health of the Flowage and to advocate for its members.  Email the Minong Flowage Association or call a board member to inquire about open positions. Elections are held at the Annual meeting in June.