September 22nd 2021 The Drawdown is underway

September 29th 2021

September 26th 2021


Small bay on the east side of the southern end of the flowage

10-25-2021 DNR-boat-landing-1

10-25-2021 DNR boat landing-2

10-25-2021 DNR boat landing pan

10-25-2021 Serenity Bay-1

10-25-2021 Serenity Bay-2

10-25-2021 Serenity Bay-3

10-25-2021 Smith-Bridge Looking East

10-25-2021 Smith-Bridge-2 Looking West

10-25-2021 Smith-Bridge looking West

10-25-2021 Serenity Bay from County T Looking South

10-25-2021 Pogo’s Channel Looking South

10-25-2021 County T Bridge at Pogo’s

10-25-2021 County T Bridge with beaver dam under the bridge

10-25-2021 County T Bridge looking north

10-25-2021 County Rd I looking East

10-25-2021 looking East from the County boat landing

10-25-2021 Delcore Pond